Remove Touts From Around RTO Offices



Touts functioning at the Regional Transport Offices (RTO) in the state have been charging varied amount from public depending on nature of work. People coming from poorer sections of society cannot afford to pay higher sums of money to these touts for completing their official work. Hence their work gets delayed to a great extent. During the tenure of Sudin Dhawalikar as the minister of Transport, he had assured on two different occasions that he would remove the touts from these offices in order to avoid harassment meted out to the public at large. However Dhawalikar failed to fulfil his promises on this matter during his tenure. Presently even retired employees of the RTO department have been functioning as touts. With a cordial relation of the touts with the higher officials at this department, they function with great ease. Of course, people from weaker sections of society need to receive a permanent relief during their visit to these offices. Hence I appeal to state Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho to view this particular matter quite seriously and issue necessary circular to the higher officials at the RTO offices in the state thereby prohibiting functioning of touts at these offices. Public at large need to secure efficient service at the existing office counters itself without any discrimination. Let us hope that the minister would initiate favourable action accordingly.