HC directs petitioners to submit chart of issues requiring its intervention




The High Court of Bombay at Goa during the hearing of petitions related to COVID issue directed all the petitioners to coordinate themselves to prepare a chart of the issues, which the court needs to intervene.

The Court will hear petitions on remaining issues related to COVID management in Goa on Monday (June 14).

The Court has directed the petitioners to submit a chart in co-ordination with the government lawyers only on pending issues requiring judicial intervention.

Several petitions were filed in mid-May when daily death toll in the state was at its peak alleging mismanagement of COVID pandemic in the state.

The state government during the hearing on COVID-related cases said before the  Court that no issue remains unaddressed.

Meanwhile, a petition filed before the High Court of Bombay at Goa to declare Goan seafarers as frontline workers in the state and prioritise their vaccination has been disposed of.

A counsel for the petitioner, based on instructions from the petitioner, stated that the grievances of the petitioner stand redressed as of now.

He, therefore, sought leave to withdraw this petition. The High Court said that leave as prayed for is granted and this petition is disposed of as withdrawn.

The seafarers had welcomed the government’s announcement to prioritise vaccination.

The Goan Seamen’s Association of India had appealed to the Chief Minister, NRI Commission and DG Shipping to accord priority for vaccination of seafarers in the age group of 18-45.

The association had said that “shipping companies are not accepting crew who have not been inoculated,” and added “there is an urgent need for seafarers to be given preference as their jobs are at stake.”

The association had stated that “Goan seafarers are unable to book appointments for vaccination at the sole private hospital that has begun vaccinating 18-44-year-olds.” It had requested for a centre to be set up in Goa as the only vaccination centres for this age group have been set up in port trust hospitals in Mumbai, Kolkata
and Cochin.