Difficult to get tractors from agriculture dept, say Betalbatim farmers




Farmers from Betalbatim have made a call for making it easy for them in getting tractors for the purpose of farming in the village.

The local farmers’ club stated that it was very difficult to get tractors from the agriculture department, and added that “this year many farmers are opting for mechanised farming.”

Many residents of the village, who have switched over to farming with the help of the Betalbatim Farmer’s Club, are lending a hand to those wishing to cultivate their lands.

Betalbatim sarpanch Constacio Miranda while speaking about the increased interest in farming said, “This year a total of 5.5 lakh hectare land is being cultivated, of which around 3 lakh is being done under mechanised farming. This happened mainly because after COVID and the lockdown, there was no availability of labour so with the help of Fr George we started the process of transplantation. Our MLA has helped us by giving tractors and machinery.” 

President of the farmer’s club Joe Cotta meanwhile called on the government “to make procedures within the agriculture
department easier.”

“At the moment, the MLA is giving us help as well as Fr George who has helped with transplantation. In April, we had booked a tractor with the department, but till date it has not come. Why can’t the government have a single window system to give us a tractor. We are ready to pay for it. This time many of the farmers have chosen to do mechanised farming because of non-availability of labourers,” said Cotta.

The sarpanch also suggested and welcomed the idea of having one tractor for each panchayat for the purpose of agriculture.

“The government should try and give every panchayat at least one tractor. It will help to keep fields alive throughout the year. But for this, we need the help of the government,” said Miranda and appealed to the government to give each panchayat at least
one tractor.