Hassles In Availing Medical Insurance

IN addition to people’s woes it is reported that many people are shocked at having to themselves clear inflated COVID hospital bills when fully insured! There are of course too many patients at the same time and many have not read the fine print in their policies even after paying high premium. I have no personal experience in medical insurance, but plenty in “comprehensive” vehicle insurance. When time comes for claiming insurance, technically one finds perishable items are not covered, neither some electrical items etc. I had a hit and run accident, no witnesses and bill was almost halved because unknown third party may claim! Lawyers and courts trauma needed for justice. It all depends on the garage and inspector. My friends, who have learned that truth does not pay, tell me hoe all their insurance bills cleared by knowing what to say and looking after the inspector. It’s the system that makes people dishonest. Our Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has lightened people’s woes by bringing COVID treatment under DDSSY (all charges) and auto renewal of the scheme till April. At Rs 8,000/day general ward, Rs 19,200/day ICU with ventilator for 10 days max, it is hoped that implementation will be as good as this scheme has reportedly been prior to COVID.


Mitigate The Woes Of COVID-hit Vendors

CHIEF Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik’s announcement of a financial package for poor street vendors whose lives have been shattered by the pandemic and the lockdown is highly laudable and the move is indeed an exemplary one for other states to follow. The pandemic and the lockdowns imposed to avoid it’s spread has no doubt affected the lives of everybody and in the case of those who earn a living on the streets and in the markets by selling things matters have spiralled from bad to worse as the public remained indoors and the roads and markets were closed. The street vendors are one such lot, who have been adversely affected by the frequent shutdowns and lockdowns imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The Chief Minister’s financial assistance will be provided from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund and many a street vendor will be benefited from the special package. During the COVID-related curbs, thousands of small traders as well as street vendors, who used to eke out a living by selling various products, were among the most affected to the COVID-19 induced lockdown. The other states as well as the Centre too must take immediate measures and mitigate the problems faced by the hawkers and vendors. As most of these people do not have any other source to rely upon other than earning something by selling the government with the local administration bodies should definitely take urgent steps to alleviate their woes.