Misplaced, Hanging LED Fixtures


Pravin U Sardessai, Ponda

The pre-monsoon maintenance work of electricity department has not yet been completed in all respects. At many locations, LED fixtures over electricity poles have been lying in a neglected state of affairs. It would be appropriate to mention a few instances in this regard. A hanging LED fixture in the vicinity of Shree Laxmi Narayan temple at Wadi-Talaulim as also near Bhingi Farm House (also at Talaulim) have still remained unattended. Further, some fixtures at the vehicular underpass at Kapileshwari junction have been missing while some are found to be out of order. Similarly, a hanging LED fixture along the main road in the vicinity of Shree Betal temple at Queula (also in Ponda) has remained neglected. Further, some electricity poles do not carry electrical fixture. One such instance is near Rajtilak Apartments at Khadpabandh and another adjacent to the Federal Bank near Rukmininagar. A misplaced LED fixture has been noticed in the vicinity of village panchayat of Borim and also along the Adpai jetty (also in Ponda) for quite long. Further at this particular jetty, two fixtures have been found missing while one is found to be out of order. Further, creepers are yet to be cleared. It is equally important that the transformers at different locations in the state are provided with a proper locking system.