The Potholed CHOGM Road

The news report ‘19-year old dies in bike accident’ ( NT June 8, 2021) should hopefully open the eyes of the PWD and RTO to the dangers posed to motorists, 2-wheelers and pedestrians  along the entire stretch of CHOGM road from O’coqueiro circle onwards. The road metal-dividers are shifted time and again as per the whims of the RTO, especially on the stretch   in front of Sapana gardens, Prudential palms and PWD water tank, making it difficult and dangerous for pedestrians to cross, as motorists keep changing track to avoid the badly potholed road. The portion in front of the PWD water tank   was dug up a month back and left in the same condition, causing a nuisance to motorists. Besides, there are large stretches on the CHOGM road  that are riddled with pot holes and craters that are proving to be dangerous during the monsoons. There are  also no speed breakers or pedestrian crossings on this road, despite the heavy traffic. CHOGM road is now an important link to the Calangute-Candolim tourist hub. It is  therefore not known why the concerned authorities are turning a blind eye  and  an  indifferent attitude to  these problems, despite several complaints and reminders in the local news papers.

A F Nazareth, Alto Porvorim

Be Cautious On Corona Waves 

Ignorance of the people towards guidelines during pandemic, Coronavirus, would attract not only third wave but many waves to come in  future. Government is struggling in  its   own  ways. However, most of the people are taking Corona for granted and therefore virus is likely to spread again and again in form of so called “waves”.  There is nothing like waves of corona to come but one corona person can spark the virus again. Hence, testing of each person in Goa and India has become unavoidable. And this corona testing mission must go on till, 100 per cent vaccination in India.  Most of the illiterate people don’t bother about their health, and sore in the name of government. They learn lesson after having bad experiences and consequences and condole for life time.

Rajesh Banaulikar, Arpora, Bardez