Enforce Magisterial Action On Violators



In its bid to strictly implement Covid-19 rules, the Goa  government  must    impose “super”  fine  for the people for not wearing face masks.  Special drives through  flying  squads  must be brought  into  service against those who are flouting the guidelines of “social  distancing” at crowded places even  after  ending  curfew in the  state or while  exiting  curfew. Testing  at Goa borders for nearly  one year should be continued. Because  80% people will never improve in their lives. And therefore,  magisterial  action  is badly needed,  this is an earnest  suggestion to government. The  amount coming out of fine is not important rather than the lives of the people. The police also should  make announcements at busy markets and other places to appeal to all citizens to follow proper guidelines, maintain social distancing, wear proper masks and avoid crowded places. They  must  warn that those found violating Covid-19 guidelines in the district will be strictly dealt with as per  the  law. Vendors, fish sellers,  fruits  vendors,  vegetable  vendors, and  all others who are  responsible for  crowding  the places  and violating  social distancing  guidelines should be penalized. Finally,  government’s order is very  important. Goan  police  are doing  well, no doubt about  that. Maintaining social distance and wearing mask are the vital factors to eradicate the covid-19. Some people are taking for granted about these factors and therefore Corona is likely to spread at any time in the state. Only  maintaining  social distancing  and wearing  masks  can curb  Coronavirus  henceforth.  Also washing  hands, sanitization, cleanliness, are the individual  duties. Therefore government  mandatorily should enforce strict  guidelines.