Hazy picture of Goa’s divorce rate




Goa is yet to get the correct picture of divorce rate  for recent years, as the registration department has  not yet compiled the marriage data for period from 2018 to May 2021.

The data on number of marriages have been compiled till 2017. Moreover details on divorces  have not  been compiled for two years – 2018 and 2019.

Nevertheless the available data from the law department have shown that the state has been witnessing a continuous rise in divorces for the past five years. 

In 2015, about 246 marriages were annulled; the number   rose to 278 in 2016 and 281 in 2017.

In  2020, as many as 315 divorces took place.

This year, till May 31, a total of 108 couples got divorced. The marriage data compiled between 2015 and 2017 have shown that in 2015 some 11,673 marriages took place; in the same year 246 marriages were annulled. 

In 2016, divorces surged by over 11 per cent; the year  saw registration of 11,596 marriages, which were less by 77 nuptials as compared to the previous year’s figures.

The number of Goans seeking  divorce rose in 2017, while the marriage rate dropped by  3 per cent: data have shown that 11,218 marriages were registered and 281 couples got divorced in the same year, which is up by one per cent.

There is no data available on marriages that took place last year. But data on divorces has shown around 12 per cent rise in separations.

The year  2020 saw about 315 divorces.

The first half of 2021, witnessed spike in divorces:  108 couples separated till May 31.