Eco Friendly Electric Buses Needed

Kadamba Transport Corporation introduced Eco friendly electric buses in the month of March 2021. The buses are introduced under FAME scheme of India. The KTC expected around 50 buses but initially only 30 were delivered. However initially buses were on sight on KTC bus stand at Panaji and Margao for shuttle services, but today no such single bus can be seen on routes. It is understood that the demand for bus services has come down after curfew imposed due to pandemic in Goa. The new electric buses may be introduced on Panaji to Vasco  routes and help passengers to have safe travel. The local buses plying on Vasco-Panaji and Panaji-Vasco routes are very old buses. The buses plying in the evening from Panaji to Vasco are almost 10 to 15 yrs old  and some of them even have leakage when there is heavy rain. In fact on June 4, 2021 one of the bus plying from Panaji to Vasco  of   7.00 pm had  headlight not functioning and driver managed to reach safely with help of streetlights,  the bus was of old model bearing registration no GA-03-X-0015.The people of Vasco  always travel in  almost  old buses. The citizens of Vasco do deserve better services and good buses to travel in.


Restrictions Helped In Curbing Infections

With a sharp decline in the number of active COVID cases observed in the state, it does appear that the restrictions imposed by the government have to a large extent helped in curbing infections. With the government once again extending the ongoing curfew in the state by another week, it is expected that the numbers could come down even further. An abject disregard for face-masks for instance, especially among the youth, is a deadly trend that needs to be arrested immediately! Likewise, social distancing is a habit that will take considerable self-discipline and chastening by the authorities before it gets ingrained as a ‘normal’ behaviour amongst the public from here on. It is basically the ill-conceived notions among people about various safety directives announced which has further weakened the state’s fight against the disease. For the CM who is striving to achieve 100% vaccination in the state by July 30, this mindset is going to be a serious obstacle. Hence the contention that the state government should not lift the curfew nor grant relaxations in the curfew till cent-per-cent vaccination is achieved could well be thought of as the best way to ensure that people overcome their aversion for the jab.  


Need Covid-19 PR

As highlighted in your daily newspapers that the government wants to do image saving personal relations to portray itself in a good picture. The daily death toll of Covid deaths from 20-35 it is still indeed a precarious situation and everyone must take utmost precaution because the virus is still around manifesting in its different variants and strains. We need to be humane, and genuinely interested to save and protect lives which are lost due to negligence of government. We just wonder if our government is still serious about the so many precious lives lost and are losing on a daily basis. People have not forgotten they lost their loved ones due to oxygen shortage in GMC and we still don’t have a courtesy apology from Chief Minister Pramod Sawant nor Health Minister Vishwajit Rane. Government has come up with its image saving personal relations strategy. We need proper Covid awareness strategy PR on newspapers highlighting the precautions, preventive measures, services available, awareness on home isolation and caution in self medication for Covid infection. Our CM, health minister, health director and health secretary must give Goan people daily late evening TV and radio briefings to update everyone of the situation about the virus and what steps the government is taking each day. Covid is a health emergency and these daily briefings are required. Like the way aggressive campaigning is done during elections by them the same way that spirit should be shown in the emergency because everyday’s precious lives are lost and the elected representatives have accountability for this. The government should use innovative ways to channel and divert some government staff from various departments in turn to help the hospitals, Public Health Centres, panchayats and Urban Health Centres in delivery of care, testing and monitoring of covid patients. At Least in the coming months until Covid disappears people won’t be attending government offices in big numbers so government staff  can help.

Jo Dias, Chandor