Lessons On World Environment Day

Every year on World Environment Day, June 5, we are called to protect and save our planet from environmental and ecological degradation, brought about by the unbridled and over- exploitation of nature and the natural resources by man. The  rise in emission of greenhouse gases has resulted in global warming, climate changes, and rise in sea-water levels The destruction of forests has impaired the ecological balance and caused a loss of biodiversity. Even the air we breathe is polluted. In the encyclical ‘Laudato Si’, Pope Francis reminds us repeatedly, that the earth is God’s gift to humanity. The encyclical assumes greater importance in these times of the pandemic where man,  humbled by the micro-organism ‘corona virus’, is made to realise that  if he needs to survive on this planet, he cannot forget that he is part of the natural habitat , with an obligation to co-exist with the plant and animal life, and other species in the surrounding environment–a harmony that God intended at the time of creation.

A F Nazareth, Alto Porvorim

33% Women-Reservations In Legislature Too required

It refers to welcome demand of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for 33-per cent reservation for women in Engineering and Medical Colleges. But he should also take up the matter of women-reservation in legislature with its bigger ally BJP and central government. Women though being 50-percent of population, get only a minute representation in law-making system. Many political parties cry for reservation on man-made aspects like religion and cast evidently for vote-bank politics, but oppose reservation to women which still remain dominated section of society created by nature in our male-dominated political system. Even Islamic world including Pakistan and many other democratic countries have adopted Women-Reservation in legislature. Election Commission formula to make it compulsory for every political party to give at least 33-percent party-tickets to women may be immediately enforced as an interim measure, till Indian women get their legitimate right for 33-percent state-wise reservation in legislature. Moreover to prevent wives or other relations being misused as proxy of male politicians, there should be a system whereby name or photo of husband or any other relation may not be permitted in election-campaigns of women candidates. At a time when women-quota in panchayats and local bodies is being increased to 50-percent from earlier 33-percent, it is meaningless to resist  so.

Madhu Agrawal, New Delhi

Uncleared Debris At Ponda PWD

Seen in the picture is debris consisting of broken roofing tiles and other construction material at the office of the Executive Engineer Division XVIII (Roads) Public Works Department (PWD) at Sadar in Ponda. With the initiative of ‘Swachcha Goa Mission’ started in the state some years back, most of the government departments had cleaned their respective premises. The departmental heads at the concerned departments supervised this work. The ultimate objective was to keep the respective departments neat and tidy. However, at present, no such initiative has been noticed so as to maintain cleanliness at such departments. Hence we come across ugly pictures at some of these premises. The dumped debris has been lying neglected for quite long and tends to be an eyesore at this important premises. It is absolutely necessary that cleanliness is achieved here on top priority. The higher officials at this particular department should arrange immediate clearance of the said debris before the onset of the monsoons. Let us hope that needful favourable action would follow in this important matter at once without any further delay. No doubt, every government premises must remain neat and tidy on a permanent basis.

Pravin U Sardessai, ADPAI