Strict Compliance Of SOP Needed


Pravin U Sardessai, ADPAI

Many people have been noticed moving without a face mask, while others wear it in a improper manner. Some even hold it in hand while walking along the road. In order to restrict the ongoing pandemic, strict compliance of SOP rules gain great significance. However, it has been noticed that these rules are being flouted on most occasions. Similarly, social distancing too is not followed with the seriousness it deserves. Even at grocery shops and tea stalls giving parcel service, we notice customers standing very close to each other. Seen in the picture are customers standing very close to each other in the queue at the State Bank of India at Sadar in Ponda. Such a tendency is quite dangerous and is bound to cause rising Covid cases within no time. It is the need of the hour for everybody to wear the face mask in a proper manner (thereby covering even the nose) and follow social distancing so that safety is assured to precious human lives. Unless necessary precautions are undertaken, it would be difficult to achieve the desired positive results in controlling the pandemic. The municipalities and village panchayats in the state should take the lead in creating awareness among the public at large. Restricting the spread of Covid cases is a real challenge which the municipalities and VP’s should accept with greater responsibility, determination and enthusiasm.  Of course, people need to remain safe at all costs.