Vaccines Indemnity Clubbed With A Clause

India may look at providing indemnity, under certain conditions, to foreign covid19 vaccine clubbed with an indemnity clause. Pfizer and Moderna have reportedly sought protection from law suits related to unforeseen complications, much like the indemnity they have been provided in the US and the UK, and it is believed that this is issue is holding their entry in India, which is short of vaccines to protect its population. As the government is expanding the vaccination drive in phases, it is actively looking into roping in foreign vaccine manufacturers. Some states have individually approached Pfizer and Moderna, but the US firms made it clear that they would not sell their vaccines to individual states. As consultations are on between the government of India and the foreign vaccine companies, the issue of indemnity has become a crucial one as the government may agree to extend indemnity to these foreign vaccine manufacturers. Their demand is not specific to India. In all the countries where these firms have supplied their vaccines, they are insulated from legal cases.

M R Jayanthy, Mumbai

Can BJP Lecture On Divorce?

Law Minister Nilesh Cabral has, recently, made an announcement about compulsory pre-marriage counseling sessions for couples, to avoid the incidence of divorce, which, he feels, is on the rise in Goa. However, this move coming from a BJP led Government is strange, for both in Goa and elsewhere, BJP has been promoting divorce of elected people from their parent party. True, every party has been doing it, but BJP has perfected this art. For them, nothing else can have priority over it. Even the lockdown in the country, in March last year, had to wait to allow divorce proceedings of Congress MLAs in Madhya Pradesh to be completed. Unfortunately, I cannot be a candidate to check how enlightening the Government proposed lectures will be. But, may I ask, what moral authority BJP has to lecture anyone on divorce, as they have been and continue to be the real champions of divorce, of course of a different kind, but no less important as it involves not lack of loyalty but real betrayal of the people who elected them? In fact, BJP has no moral authority to lecture anyone on anything, as their own morality on every issue, has reached such rock bottom that we have become a laughing stock for everyone. Please spare Goa of such ridicule.     

Jose Maria Miranda, Margao