Mount Litera Zee School holds webinar on ‘How to handle COVID-19 and stress’



Mount Litera Zee School, Goa in association with Mansparsh Clinic organised a live webinar on ‘How to handle COVID-19 and stress’ for students of classes 6 to 12. The webinar was conducted by doctor Mosam Vijay Phirke.

Phirke enlightened students on the nature of the virus and the precautions to be followed to avoid COVID-19 infection. He also emphasised on the care to be taken while in isolation. Phirke also discussed the plethora of activities that students could indulge in while at home like drawing, craft, gardening and so on to keep even miniscule stress at bay. Phirke encouraged students to keep the mind involved and not to be depressed or dismal of the situation around. Queries of students were answered with a constant assurance that the virus could be avoided, contained and treated.