Youngsters compile helpline data to help Goa

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To help people during the difficult pandemic times, two youngsters Rohit Ramkrishna Nikam and Vaishnavi Rajesh Naik, have compiled helpline data for COVID-19 patients. 
NT KURIOCITY gets details


The ongoing pandemic has seen many people voluntarily coming out to help COVID-19 patients and their families, be it in providing medicines, sourcing oxygen cylinders, providing food, etc.

However, Rohit Ramkrishna Nikam and Vaishnavi Rajesh Naik (both pursuing their bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Dhempe College of Arts and Science, Miramar), noticed that despite the availability of all these services, there seemed to be a communication gap.

“Somewhere the facility providers and the people in need were not really able to connect directly,” says Naik. And that is when a small idea crossed their mind of collecting data of various services available and putting it out on one platform titled For Your Goa.

“We collected data of all the COVID-19 volunteers along with facility providers and updated the details of help in various parts of Goa on the blog. This is our small contribution for the good health of Goa,” says Naik adding that a lot of people helped them in gathering the information. The blog which was started on March 15 features information about availability of medicines, oximeters, oxygen cylinders, online doctor consultations, and more. The duo states that they are also ready to personally help anyone in need if required.

“We have also created a WhatsApp group for all the people who would like to help us, and a Google Form as another means of connecting to us,” says Nikam, adding that they have got a really good response from many people who were in need.

Happy to do their small part in helping, Nikam further appeals to others to also come forward and help and support fellow Goans who are going through a lot. “Help them to be strong physically as well as mentally, and follow all the rules and regulations to avoid this virus. This difficult phase will pass,” he says.

Naik meanwhile states that Goan healthcare workers are doing what they can to help people. “The positivity rate is high in Goa and we believe that people should be more concerned about the situation. We’re all in this together and want to do everything we can to help get us all through these challenging times.”