The one we’ve been waiting for

The ‘Friends’ reunion is finally here and fans just can’t keep calm!

They tell NT BUZZ why they can never have enough of the show and what they are most looking forward to in the May 27 special

There’s something special about how the show makes you feel. It is like you’re living life and growing up with the six of them and not simply watching a show. It’s funny, it’s sarcastic, it tried to be inclusive for its time, it’s wholesome. It makes you understand what great friendships truly feel like, and what relationships should be like (I’m talking about Monica and Chandler, okay). Even though I’ve probably re-watched it like a 100 times, I recently got my mom hooked on to it. And it was so much more fun watching someone experience this amazing show for the first time ever! I’m excited about the reunion just because it’s going to be so much fun watching the cast relive those moments and talk about scenes from a behind-the-scenes point of view.

-Nikita Nogar, St Cruz

I love the show because it is so light and warm. You can go to it for a pick-me-up on a bad day or a good one. You can literally pick an episode at random and still end up feeling good. I think the show talks about human flaws and friendship making it super relatable. I really hope the reunion is more than just an interview-style episode. I’d like to see what happens to Emma, Ben, the twins. Are Ross and Rachel on a break? Did Joey get married? How are they taking ‘growing old together’ in ‘reel’ life?

-Arantxa Fernandes, Panaji

This show is so much fun that one can watch the same season over and over again and still be entertained. Even though it was made in the ‘90s one can still relate to the events that are showcased in it. Oh! Could we be any more excited?!

– Francis Pereira, St Cruz

I love the show because it’s like living a dream; it’s like you are one of them and going through all the good and bad times together. I’m really very excited about the reunion and I’m hoping to watch it soon. The trailer seems very funny and amazing. I want to see the cast revisiting the lives of those characters again for some time.

– Vanrose Fernandes, Merces

The storyline of ‘Friends’ revolving around the aspirations of young adults trying to make it big in NYC and the various life experiences of hustle, rejection, achievements, relationships, break ups, etc, thrown their way over the years are portrayed in a way which would make the average adult/adolescent just fall in love with the show. And the cast sure got the best out of the characters. I think the reunion will be a good watch. The largely unscripted episode I feel is an ideal way to connect back with all the fans of the show after all these years. It could be reminiscent of the behind-the-scenes look from the last episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. I’d love to see Phoebe teaching Joey French again. And her frustrated outbursts.

– Clarence Henriques, Vasco

I think what is most special about the show is that when people watch it, they wish they had friends like these in their lives. In this age of social media, the idea of having a bunch of real-life friends instead of just virtual ones and having real-life experiences is quite exhilarating and I think this aspect is what draws this generation to the show. Sure, I wasn’t born when the show first aired but this doesn’t make me any less of a fan. The timeless appeal of this show resonates with every generation in its own way. The reunion has certainly been a long time coming. Since it is unscripted, fans will get to enjoy a lot of behind-the-scenes experiences from the cast and many insider stories that we are ready to devour. I am a little disappointed that none of them will be reprising their roles but I also know that the ending of the show back in 2004 was perfect and revamping it would not meet the standards of the original show.

– Lizanne Fernandes, Siolim

To me, ‘Friends’ is about six normal people who became a family due to the breakups, romances, career-related issues and hardships that they face together. It focuses on them as individuals as well as flatmates/neighbours. I am super excited about the reunion because I get to see my favourite characters on my screen again and see where they’ve reached in life and to fill in the blank between their last trip to the coffee shop and now.

– Krisha, Miramar

I’ve been watching ‘Friends’ with my family since I was a kid, and even then, when I barely understood half the jokes, I was hooked! What I love about the show is it’s funny in a relatable way and each character has a different personality, all of whom are relatable too. I’m just extremely excited for the reunion, because no matter what, it’s going to

be great!

– Alexandra Faye, Panaji

(Compiled by Anna Fernandes, Christine Machado, and Ramandeep Kaur)