‘Goal’, a tiatr written by Agnelo Borim from a concept by Fr Victor Ferrao and directed by Gokuldas Borkar was presented at the Kala Academy Tiatr Competition. This tiatr is a deep and critical look on the current situations in soccer, the favourite sport of Goans, with regard to players, coaches, and the money that is involved in many illegal deals.

It tells the story of a coach who is busy training his wards for the league. He has a set of young footballers, all ready to play and win. His daughter Benisha is a national player but has had some problems with the football association management. She is helping her father with the coaching. There is A K, an ex-footballer, whose career was cut short because of match-fixing. And Cardozo is the rich man with two daughters, Nisha and Ishika. His main aim is to flaunt his money and use it for all illegal activities, especially in soccer. The entire show is centered around the lives of these characters.

It is good to see a play like this, with the interest of Goan soccer at heart. The fine script has plenty to tell. The fame and glory of Goan players, now seems to be taken over by players from elsewhere! There is corruption in the organisation! Emphasis is laid on this. Gokuldas Borkar provides good light effects to sets designed by Pobre Dias. The cast do full justice to their roles. Junisha Correia and Minoshka Dias as the good daughters of a corrupt father, play their roles well. Benisha Vaz is the soccer-playing girl, who adds plenty of humour to her role. Rupesh Jogle is great as the coach, with his trademark laugh while Armando Fernandes is A K, lover of football. Alberto Cardozo in the role of Cardozo, the rich, powerful and corrupt businessman, impresses. He plays the villain and does it in style. Good support comes from Cayman Noronha, Rosman Dias, Sam Fernandes, Sanford Dias, Adman Dias, Floyd Cardozo, Aaron Alemao, Sidroy Dias, Chrisjoy Fernandes, and Joelito Dias as the young footballers.

Ryan Dias plays the background music and Fr Simon D’Cunha has arranged good and enjoyable music played well by the big band which includes Selvin Braganza, Prannoy DSouza, Roogerry (trumpets), Jena Leitao and Pearl Fernandes (clarinets), Semy Braganza (trombone), Benjamin Batista (bass), Jack Rebello (drums), Joynus Noronha (acoustic guitar), and John Fernandes( keyboard). There is a choral for the opening song and a variety of songs are rendered by Ancila, Ciena, Tammy, Kimberly, Dinora, Caren, Amanda, Shaneli, Suzel, Hortencio, Nazario, P Agnelo, Clevent, Pobre, Voller, Bernardo, John Fernandes, Xavier, Samir and Sereno. Kimberly renders a hard-hitting solo on justice to victims of rape and the duet by Sudha (nice voice) with P Agnelo is performed well.