VVA holds webinar to identify specific learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorder


Early intervention is the key to progress in children with learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorder, understanding this as the need of the hour, Vidya Vikas Academy, Margao organised a workshop for parents and teachers on the topic ‘Identification of SLD and ASD in children’.

Special educator from Sethu, Madhura Manerikar was the speaker for the day. She initiated the session with the definition and the general signs of a specific learning disability by giving an in-depth description of the types of learning disabilities and the key characteristics in areas of reading, writing and mathematics.

Manerikar further discussed about the autism spectrum disorder by elaborating on the definition and the areas affected in a child with autism and the triad of impairment. She emphasised on the fact that autism is a spectrum and no two children with autism are similar. Finally, she listed some tips for teachers and parents who have a child with SLD or autism.