CAREER Q&A with Manu Anand


How can I as student in class 11, prepare to get a job with Google, Amazon, Microsoft or any company in India? What would I need to do?

Deepti Patil

Getting into the world’s topmost companies is a dream job with perks, pay and all the fun attached. These top companies are what the industry terms as product companies. If you have the right skill sets and have planned your career path, it is not at all difficult to get into these companies. The right approach will give you the job that you have always wanted.

Your chances become high for a job in this field if you have an engineering degree backing you and if it is in IT or software engineering then it doubles the chances. So, the first step you need to do is to complete class 12 and get into a good engineering college of repute and score well. Most of these companies hire freshers from colleges and they do it mostly through a campus interview. They have a preferred list of colleges where they go for the interviews. So, it is more important that you graduate from a good institution.

During your college years, make sure you get involved in doing some good projects. It will always come as a support base as the one recruiting will get the confidence that you are passionate about the field and are not just there for the sake of a job. Also, it is important to get the right internship during your college years. You should try best to get an internship in one of these companies as sometimes there are high chances of an internship getting absorbed with a full-time job.

Another important thing that you need to do is have a mentor. Someone who is from the field and can guide you in the right channel. Your mentor will guide you for the right kind of projects and then help you make a portfolio and resume. Make sure you are up to mark with your technical skills and have a good GPA in college. It is a must to get a good GATE score which itself shows your work and makes it easy to get a call from these product-based companies. Another factor is to prepare for the aptitude tests which forms a kind of filter for the next step of an interview.

What are offbeat careers? Can you tell me a few careers which are good, but people are still unaware of the opportunities? 

Kimberly Dias

There is no career path which leads nowhere. All you need to have is the right aptitude and a skill set to prove yourself to the world and you will make it to the top. There are a whole lot of careers which are lucrative but unexplored.

Travel Consultant: Join a travel agency or create one of your own. There are tremendous opportunities in this field. A good network, negotiating skills and being technologically sound is a must. 

Ice cream taster: A specialised job which apart from your taste buds needs a university degree in chemistry or food science.

Professional YouTuber: YouTube provides great opportunities to showcase talent and become a professional in the field for free. 

Calligraphy: For those with good handwriting, a steady hand and can write artistically, this job can get good rewards. 

Ethical hacker: Being good at computer applications and internet savvy are the prime conditions for this field. One is paid to officially hack into websites and personal spaces to prevent crimes.

Stock market professionals: One needs to be 21 years for this job and it is mandatory to have knowledge and understanding of investments and capital markets to buy and sell stocks for clients.

Video games tester: A remarkably interesting job which requires creative bent of mind and fun. One needs to be technology savvy.

Wedding planner: Good networking skills, being a team player with a passion to work in events and ability to work under pressure conditions can get you the right break in this field.

Voice-over artist: A good voice with confidence and you could be the right choice for different characters in media and marketing. 

Writer: If you can write original content with ease of flow then this is the right job for you. You can write for blogs, websites and do content writing for start-ups and media and publishing houses.

Cartoonists: A tough profession but the pay can be good if you prove yourself and get your work published or use digital media.

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