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Let’s get physical


‘Get Fit, Stay Fit Goa’, a two-week free bodyweight programme aims to inspire a fitness revolution in Goa. NT BUZZ talks to lifestyle coach Ashwyn Barreto who will be heading the programme, to learn more


In a bid to inspire a fitness revolution, Merces-based lifestyle coach and founder of Goa’s first fitness app, TLC, Ashwyn Barreto is organising a two-week bodyweight programme ‘Get Fit, Stay Fit Goa’ starting on May 10 live on Instagram.

The programme, to be held in collaboration with All For Sport (AFS) by Decathlon and nutrition tech startup Habbit Health, is free of cost and open to anyone, anywhere in the world, ideally in the age group of 18 years to 50 years, says Barreto. “To participate, one has to simply visit the AFS portal online to register and follow the steps, which include downloading the TLC app to get access to the entire programme.”

The two-week programme will be conducted live on Barreto’s Instagram channel @thatlifestylecoach with participants joining in and working out alongside. It is designed for all levels with beginner, intermediate, and advanced options for every workout. In addition, each session is around 45 minutes to an hour and will take place at 6:30 p.m., Monday through Sunday. “If on a particular day, you are unable to catch the live broadcast, you can check out the programme for the day and follow along with the recorded video which will be saved for your convenience,” he says, adding that e-certificates will also be given to each participant.

For many, fitness may have taken a backseat to other concerns during the second wave of COVID-19. But, right now, fitness is the need of the hour, Barreto emphasises. “The main aim of the programme is to create awareness on the importance of fitness and staying active during the pandemic which will, in turn, help us in improving our mental health, physical health, and our immunity.”

And your body is the only thing required for this fitness party. This is a total bodyweight programme and will include strength and conditioning, cardio circuits, tabata, yoga, and much more.

Barreto explains that unlike normal strength training where movement is supported with equipment, in bodyweight training you are literally using your body as equipment. The goal is to put your muscles under resistance, think glute bridges, inchworms, planks, and back extensions. “Any exercise you do using bodyweight involves your core to work as the entire body is working as one unit to provide load or to act as resistance for that exercise,” he says. This type of exercise is most commonly associated with developing balance, stability, and core strength.

The goal is therefore to not simply focus on weight loss or muscle gain, he says. “There are so many parameters to fitness, things that are often overlooked such as balance, agility, injury prevention, core strength. Through this programme, I wish to educate people on these parameters. By participating, one will learn the science of training in terms of technique, form, and the right way to connect the muscle,” he says, adding that you don’t need to have access to the gym to be fit.

In fact, this is also one of the main reasons that drove Barreto to create this challenge. “I want to motivate people to work out at home. I want to make people realise that they don’t have to hit the gym – or make excuses for not having time to hit the gym – to be fit. Through this programme, I want to instil in people the habit of working out in the comfort of your home and be active and mentally and physically healthy.”

“Fitness is a way of life – it’s a lifestyle choice. Just the way you decide to wear a certain brand of clothes, similarly, you need to decide to make fitness a lifestyle choice,” he adds.

And there are prizes to be won as well. To stand a chance to win a home-training kit by Decathlon and other goodies a registered participant has to participate live with Barreto and the other participants each day of the programme, complete each daily workout and mark it as so on the app, and post a story on Instagram with the hashtag
#getfitstayfitgoa. Out of the most consistent participants, a winner will be picked based on a lucky draw.

(Registrations for the programme are open until May 8. Register at 
bit.ly/2RuRrS4. The programme will begin on May 10 at 6:30 p.m. live
on Instagram.)