Towards a greener world



‘Let’s make everyday Earth Day’ was the concept for a series of Earth-centric events hosted at Ancestral Goa, Big Foot in Loutolim, a centre for the preservation of all things Goan. According to this year’s theme is centred around innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. At Ancestral Goa, children were invited to paint on reusable carry bags, the topic for the drawing was ‘How can I make the world a better place?’ They were shown around the permanent green displays at Ancestral Goa, which included ground water harvesting pits, garbage segregation and recycling stations, grease traps and solar panels. These functioning modules are set in place with detailed descriptions of the processes. The children had a candid discussion with proprietor of Big Foot, Maendra Alvares, regarding what they learned and ways to incorporate these practices into their daily lives. Guests were gifted seed bombs to take home. The seeds included local fruits like jamun, jackfruit, mango and tamarind. The idea being that these trees once fully grown, will be able to flourish and feed, thus completing the cyclic essence of nature. Saplings were distributed among the villagers of Loutolim, to further emphasise and help realise the goal for a green future.