Without having taken first dose, Cansaulim man gets provisional COVID vaccination certificate




In a freak case, a resident of  Cansaulim  was provided a  provisional COVID vaccination certificate without he having taken a  first dose of anti-COVID vaccine.

This is how it happened –  L  F  Saldanha, a  resident of  Cansaulim was working as a  seaman.  In  February 2021,  the company in which he was working,  registered  all the crew members, irrespective of  age for vaccination in the list of  frontline workers, and the  CoWIN
portal accepted that.

“Since the  CoWIN portal was open, my company registered us all for vaccine jabs under the  frontline workers group.  The portal  accepted the registration and many got  vaccinated. I  got a message for selection of date for  my  vaccination and I chose April 19 as my convenient date,” explained  Saldanha.

“On  April 18, I got the message on my mobile that on April 19, I have to go to  Cansaulim  Primary Health  Centre between 9 am and 11 am for vaccination.  But when  I reached  the health  centre, I was told  by doctor  and nurses that they ‘cannot give me vaccine dose today ( April 19),’ since  the  central government had rolled out the  vaccination programe in a phased manner,  and  currently vaccine  doses were being given only for those whose age was 45 and above. I did not argue, I came back home. However  I was shocked to read  another message from the CoWIN portal  that ‘my  vaccination certificate is ready and that I may  download it from the website’,’’  
he added.  

This certificate reads – ‘provisional certificate for COVID-19 vaccination – first dose.

“It is  mentioned that I have to come for the second dose  between May 17 and June 14,  2021,” he said.

“This is ridiculous. I went straight to Cansaulim health centre since it is mentioned that at this particular place I took my vaccine. There, the doctors and nurses said they ‘cannot do anything now.’ They suggested  me to cancel the said  certificate and  reregister in the age group of 18-44. I tried doing it for a few times, but could not succeed as the  CoWIN portal does not accept it and I cannot take the  vaccine dose  now,’’ narrated  dejected Saldanha.