Public in Panaji stay indoors on fear of contracting COVID-19




Although the lockdown has been lifted by the government after imposing Section 144 criminal procedure code the fear of contracting the contagious deadly virus has compelled the public to remain indoors.

No doubt the government has shown some concern for the economic activity so that it does suffer like last year where in  all the economic activity came to a grinding halt but despite the shops and commercial establishments remaining open for the day there were no customers.

Full day it was appearing like a lockdown as there were few 2-wheelers, 4-wheelers and other vehicles plying on the roads from Porvorim to Panaji, even bridges were wearing a deserted look.

Vegetable and fruit vendors did not fill their vacant spaces as they too fear that there may be a national lockdown at any moment and they will have to suffer as they deal in perishable goods like leafy vegetables, cucumber, carrot, green coriander, palak, methi and other perishable vegetables besides fish vendors were seen lamenting for coming to the market as there were no customers visiting their stalls. While fish, chicken, mutton, beef stall owners too regret keeping their stalls open on Monday as there were no customers despite lifting the lockdown by the state government.

In Porvorim area due to rising Covid cases, the busiest spots like Kavlekar market, CHOGM road, other food joints or tea shops remained closed and as such there was no public movement on the main roads except for a few vehicular traffic.