Fraudsters in some states hoodwink COVID patients by promising oxygen


Amresh parab | NT


Cashing in on the helplessness of people afflicted by coronavirus, cyber criminals hoodwink the victims by promising to arrange medical oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators and other lifesaving medicines.

Fraudsters ask the family to pay money in advance but there is no delivery of the promised medical supplies.  The cyber criminals renege on their promise leaving the patients high and dry, sources said.

Although incidents of this nature have not taken place in Goa,   police have urged the people to be on their guard as it has come to the fore that fraudsters in some states are up to it, swindling the COVID patients.

Police said that if someone wants to buy oxygen cylinders or other medical supplies then it is advisable to buy the same from a trusted source, cautioning that the cyber criminals are devising newer methods to cheat the gullible people by promising to purvey the required medical supplies.

The cyber criminals have been exploiting the pandemic situation, police said, adding that fraudsters promise online employment under the ‘work from home’ model.

Explaining the modus operandi, the police said that scamsters send messages to mobile users offering them part-time or full-time job (under ‘work from home’ option), which can be done using a computer or a mobile phone.

The cyber criminals try to lure the people by claiming that there is no registration fee, and earnings could reach Rs 3,000 per day which is enough to tempt a person, police explained.

However, once the person starts working on the task assigned, the fraudster makes the task so difficult that it can’t be accomplished in the stipulated time.

Subsequently the fraudster threatens the person of sending a legal notice for not completing the task on schedule. The cyber criminal also demands payment of penalty from the duped person.

The fraudsters have come up with another modus operandi to cheat the gullible people by seeking details of

their cards. Under the pretext of postponement of EMI payment in view of the pandemic, the tricksters try to compel the people to share their card details, police said. 

It is pertinent to note here that Goa police had issued an advisory exhorting the people not to share with anybody any personal details as regards cards, bank accounts, PIN or OTP.