Superficial Lockdown In Goa

WITH the COVID positivity rate in Goa at an all-time high of 51 per cent, and the number of daily positive cases crossing 3000, we ought to have been in the midst of a 15-day lockdown by now, instead of the frivolous 4-day lockdown imposed by the dithering state government. We would not have been in such a sorry predicament had the government acted promptly and heeded the early warnings of the impending second wave, when COVID cases in Goa  started to be on the upswing, a month back. Unfortunately, what mattered more was the state’s dwindling economy which opened the floodgates of tourism, unchecked borders, and gay abandon on our beaches, with COVID protocols thrown to the winds, even as casinos and night clubs continued to flourish and draw large crowds. Restaurants have been allowed to remain open with 50 per cent capacity and municipal and fish markets have been exempted from the present lockdown. This being the reality, can we ever hope to break the virus transmission chain? Or, are we still waiting for the numbers to rise before tightening the screws?


State Pays Price For Complacency 

ON account of the failure of the government to take the much needed preventive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, Goa now finds itself deeply enveloped in a perilous state of affairs. It may be late, but we need to fight this virus. We must commend Calangute MLA Michael Lobo for personally successfully appealing to his constituents to voluntarily close down their establishments and stay at home to break this virus chain. In fact every MLA and representatives of zilla panchayats, municipalities and panchayats across Goa should similarly be reaching out to the people in ensuring that for our own safety and wellbeing it is a self-imposed lockdown. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has failed the state. After the first wave there was enough time to augment the health Infrastructure, an investment which would never be waste. We are now scrambling for beds, doctors besides nurses and support staff with the shortage of oxygen so glaring and devastating. The government has indulged in mass gatherings and events which should have been avoided. Even municipal elections could have waited till return of normalcy. At the hospitals we understandably get outraged and furious seeing our loved ones just die. But it is absolutely unacceptable that in this fury we dare verbally and even physically abuse doctors and the staff. They have been doing their best within the limited resources.


Don’t Fall For Rumours On Vaccine

A lot of rumours are being forwarded on WhatsApp and other social media platforms claiming that COVID vaccines are unsafe and ineffective. I would like to advise people not to fall for such rumours. COVID vaccines are entirely safe to take and has no side effects of any kind. I took my first shot of the Covishield vaccine at a municipal hospital in Mumbai and found it completely safe. There were around 500 of us, all aged above 60, but none of us had side effects of any kind. Two weeks have passed and I am still hale and hearty.