Inhumane Loan Recovery 

SEVERAL banks, especially the private ones, have initiated recovering loans inhumanely. The recovery has been begun under the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002, especially after Supreme Court through its order lifted stay on banks declaring non-performing assets. Unfortunately such harsh and inhumane recovery is initiated even on borrowings on self-occupied residences without realising that affected borrowers and their family members could become roofless in these most critical days of the coronavirus pandemic. Factoring in the inhuman approach of private banks, all district magistrates should be directed by a widely-publicised government notification saying that they may not issue till December 31, 2022 any eviction order in favour of banks at least in cases of self-occupied residential properties. Borrowers need time to settle down after returning to normalcy from the pandemic. Presently when such borrowers have no money for their livelihood and day-to-day expenses, how can they be made roofless in the pandemic days when food, shelter and clothing are basic needs of any human being? District magistrates should be directed to order fresh initiation under the SARFEASI Act in such defaulting cases.


COVID Spreading Locations

LONG queues are seen at hospitals and other centres engaged in carrying out COVID tests. People who come to undergo either the RT-PCR or the antigen test, including children, are seen standing in long queues right from early morning. Most of them have come to do the test because they have shown some symptoms of COVID and hence could be carriers of the virus. Pandemic-related protocols need to be strictly adhered to at these places. In spite of all these precautions, these places could well become potent places for the spread of the virus among those who do not have the viral infection. It is possible that the nasal and throat swabs are taken in a closed room with very little ventilation. When the patient opens the mouth for the throat swab there is every possibility that the virus is released into the air which can infect others in the room. A private hospital in Vasco has come up with a novel way to address this issue. Nasal and throat swabs are taken in an open environment in the garden of the hospital, giving little room for spread of the virus. Other hospitals and COVID testing centres would do well to collect the nasal and throat swabs in open air locations.


Don’t Fall For Rumours On Vaccine

A lot of rumours are being forwarded on Whatsapp and other social media platforms claiming that COVID vaccines are unsafe and ineffective. I would like to advise people not to fall for such rumours. COVID vaccines are entirely safe to take and has no side effects of any kind. I took my first shot of the Covishield vaccine at a municipal hospital in Mumbai and found it completely safe. There were around 500 of us, all aged above 60, but none of us had side effects of any kind. Two weeks have passed and I am still hale and hearty.