Language matters


‘The Language Nest’ by Girish Haldankar and Lalan Palyekar Haldankar seeks to offer students the opportunity to work
on polishing their language skills.  NT KURIOCITY learns more about the institute


The fear of failure, being misunderstood, and grammar mistakes are the three most common reasons why people are afraid to speak any new language. Thus, ‘The Language Nest’ seeks to offer students the opportunity to work on their language knowledge, by working on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. It also aims to give an opportunity to students to develop language communication skills by practising speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Founded by Girish Haldankar and Lalan Palyekar Haldankar under the umbrella of Mata Pratishthan, the Ponda-based coaching institute (started in March 2021) is inspired by Meghshyam Palyekar, a retired teacher who has dedicated his life to underprivileged students. “I have always seen my father working and helping the underprivileged students and that has inspired us,” says Lalan, adding that they have students from six to 56 years.

And today in Goa while almost everyone can speak English, people still struggle with grammar. Good writing, they say has become rare. “There are many reasons like increased emphasis on technology, lack of practice, etc. But I believe that most of the teachers lack training in how to teach writing skills,” says Girish, adding that at the institute they aim at promoting reading of books to encourage the reading habit among children and allow them to explore and enjoy the massive wealth of literature. “We want to turn Goa into ‘book lover’s paradise’,” he says. “We will defend the value of reading books till our last breath. So, wherever we go, we distribute books to children.”

The duo has thus specially designed different courses with the help of some of the best educators. “We have courses like a foundation course in various languages, a spoken English course, creative writing and reading. All these courses are designed in order to build confidence and ability in the three language skills – reading, writing and speaking,” says Lalan.