Party like a Goenkar

Newly released track ‘Ami Goenkar’ celebrates the land, our lives, and lifestyle. NT BUZZ details


An actor who dons several hats, Amod Mardolkar is a known face on screen. And now together with singer Mark Revlon and rapper Waking Grunt, he has come out with a new party track ‘Ami Goenkar’.

It all began in 2018 when he began penning down lyrics for a possible song around Goa. “I just wanted to make a song about Goa and Goans, irrespective of what still divides us. A song which Goans will play during their celebrations, a song that people will remember forever,” he says, adding the song tells of how we feel about our land, lifestyle, and how we celebrate Goan nature and food.

In the lyrics he also wanted to bring about the realisation that the place we live in, ie Goa, is heaven, and that there is no better place than this on the whole planet. “When people listen to this, for a moment I want them to feel the love they have for Goa,” he says.

Directed by Josephfern D’Souza and produced by Mardolkar, the music video for the party song which has several dancers and artistes coming together, now has around 88,000 views.

Shot majorly in North Goa, the video by Amod Mardolkar Productions showcases the picturesque landscapes and known places. The drone shots have been done by Mevan Rodrigues who was operating 10 drones with his team members. The editing skills of Sameer Adkonkar is also noteworthy.

There’s also funk added, with rap by Waking Grunt. “It was a whole new experience. Obviously the song has put Konkani on the global map and I am glad to be a part of this project. The whole crew was amazing and this song has given hope for Konkani rap to flourish on the world stage,” says the rapper.

For singer Mark Revlon, working on this song was a party in itself. He says: “It was nice to bring out a different kind of music video to entertain the people of Goa.”

And Mardolkar tells us that after each project he works on, his dreams get bigger. “My dream project now is to make ‘Ami Goenkar- Part 2’. I want to shoot a party on the Atal Setu with proper safety measures and government permission (if allowed), once this pandemic leaves us for good,” he says.