Initiate Drive Against Improper Registration Number Plates
In Ponda, one can easily notice a number of vehicles with improper registration number plates. Some vehicles have their number plates missing either at the front or the back, while in case of other vehicles, the number plate is illegible or half-damaged and in still some other cases, the number plates are seen even hanging from the vehicles. Under these circumstances, in case any of such vehicles gets involved in a mishap, the vehicle rider or driver is likely to flee away from the scene within no time. Those present at the concerned accident spot will not be able to note down the registration number of the vehicle. Hence, investigation on the part of the police department would ultimately get delayed in the process. It is necessary that vehicles possess proper registration number plates. The higher officials at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and the traffic cell should take a note of this important matter and start a severe drive against improper number plates thereby booking the defaulters at once without any discrimination.

Enforce Strict Restrictions
In View of Rising COVID Cases
The recent surge in coronavirus cases in the state is frightening. The daily health bulletin displays alarming figures of COVID-19 cases, mortality and positivity rate. The government’s strategy to control COVID-19 cases is akin to mobilising all resources towards mops and buckets rather than fixing the leaking tap. Crowds outside casinos where a majority of tourists are seen without masks and no social distancing followed makes one wonder whether the pandemic is over only in Goa. Goa is the only state in the country where ‘the show must go on’ without any restrictions on the incoming visitors, and the state is paying a heavy price for choosing tourism over the lives of Goans. No doubt economy of the state is important, but the lives of Goans are precious. The mortality rate is spiralling upwards with the highest of 17 deaths in a day. The economy can always be boosted back with various measures once the situation improves but a life lost cannot be brought back. It is my earnest appeal to the government to enforce strict restrictions and formulate Standard Operating Procedures, which will help bring down the daily COVID figures and more importantly save the lives of fellow Goans.
India Must Stop Vaccine Maitri Operation Now
The spike in COVID-19 cases across the country during the second wave is alarming. The very unavailability of oxygen and remdesivir drug has complicated matters for the healthcare workers. The central government prided itself in announcing Vaccine Maitri operation by providing vaccine aid to several nations including our neighbouring countries. India should now stop aiding the nations through the Vaccine Maitri operation. Efforts should be made to increase the production of remdesivir medication. Earmarking of abundant beds in government hospitals is important. Insisting the private hospitals to strictly follow 50 per cent bed availability norm to aid the needy patients is the need of the hour. Citizens should mandatorily observe COVID protocols and support the government’s efforts in containing the spread of the virus.