Situation tense as Mopa villagers try to stop survey for airport road

Road blocked by setting firewood on fire at Tulaskarwadi, Nagzar-Mopa on Monday evening.  



Tense situation was witnessed at Tulaskarwadi-Nagzar-Mopa as local farmers including women protested against ongoing survey for Mopa airport-linked road from Dhargal to Mopa on Monday evening.

While local farmers accused police of lathi-charge, police said that stones were pelted at them by protesters.

The survey for Mopa airport linked road is underway for past one month in the presence of police which is being opposed by local villagers including farmers who have objected to the acquisition process by the government and demanded that their land should not be taken for the project.

On Monday again survey was underway in presence of police by officials at Tulaskarwadi-Nagzar-Mopa. However, in the evening the local farmers including women blocked the road and allegedly set fire to firewood in an attempt to block access of the police and survey officials and further sat on the road.

Sources informed that in a bid to clear access, police cleared firewood from the road and later allegedly removed women and children who were sitting on the road blocking the access.

Locals claimed that police lathi-charged protestors and on hearing sound other villagers rushed to the site and allegedly pelted stones at police personnel injuring them.

In this connection, Pernem police have registered a rioting and unlawful assembly case against unknown protestors.