Provide Bus Shelter In Ponda Market Area 

Many commuters wait at the bus stop at Upper Bazaar in Ponda for proceeding towards Usgao, Dharbandora, Mollem, Sankhalim, Bicholim and the neighbouring areas. However, it is rather strange that there exists no bus shelter at this location where the commuters could relax for a while as they wait for their bus. During the summer season, the commuters seek shelter under a nearby tree. During the rainy season, however, they face a lot of difficulties, as they are unable to stand in the open area. With no protection of any sort, the commuters are forced to occupy the entrances of nearby shops. Hence, customers visiting these shops too face inconvenience due to the commuters occupying the entrance areas of the shops. To assure some sort of relief to the commuters occupying this area, I would like to request the concerned authorities to install a bus shelter at the bus stop on priority basis. It is equally important that the motorcycle pilots occupying this location in the open area are also provided with a necessary shed before the monsoon approaches. Let us hope that the needful is done.


Man-made Scarcity Of Fish

Fish supply to the wholesale fish market in Margao, which is Goa’s lone wholesale fish market, has been disrupted for the past several days reportedly following a face-off between the wholesale fish traders and the sopo contractors. Most of the fish markets across the state are wearing a deserted look. The scarcity of fish has led to the prices of the available fish sky-rocketing. Fish happens to be the staple diet of Goans. Citizens are used to shortage of fish during the monsoon season when there is a ban on fishing activities, which is needed for breeding. However, the present scarcity is man-made and could have easily been avoided. The deadlock appears to be over the appointment of a sopo contractor. Goans cannot be deprived of their daily fish over such a minor issue. It is understood that vehicles carrying fish from other states were not allowed to enter the wholesale fish market. Fish being a perishable food item, the fish present in the trucks can go stale if proper cooling is not maintained. The issue needs to be sorted out amicably by resorting to talks across the table between the various parties concerned. It is claimed that local fishermen, including boat owners, ramponkars and fish farmers brought several truckloads of fish to the wholesale market on Tuesday. This is a welcome development. However, it remains to be seen whether the demands of the fish-loving population of Goa can be met by the local catch alone without depending on the fish coming from the neighbouring states.