MoCA brings Sancta Maria online



Over 100 artefacts from the Museum of Christian Art (MoCA), Old Goa can be viewed online on Google Arts and Culture by people around the world due to a new partnership between Google and the institution. Users will be able to see details of art objects such as the Frame with the Virgin and Child and Processional Banner of Saint Joseph in just a few clicks at

Digital exhibits

Three specially curated virtual exhibits have been developed for online visitors. The digital exhibitions tell the story of the life of Christ, Saint Francis Xavier and sacred textiles, through the art objects from the museum’s collection.

The Life of Christ, through Indo-Portuguese art objects

The story of Jesus’ life has been narrated over the centuries in different ways and through different mediums. One such interpretation of his life can be seen in Indo-Portuguese Christian art, from the collection of the Museum of Christian Art (MoCA), Goa. Poignant events from the life of Christ have been highlighted in this exhibition.

Goencho Saib: The Life and Miracles of Saint Francis Xavier

The journey of Saint Francis Xavier from his place of birth in Navarra  to his final resting place at the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa has been detailed in this exhibition through the art objects at MoCA.

Faith and Fabric: Glimpses of Sacred Textiles from Goa

India has a rich textile tradition represented by artists and groups from all over the subcontinent who have produced textiles meant for religious as well as social use. This exhibition brings to light the ritual significance of the Christian religious textiles, and their harmonious blend with designs and techniques of the Indian textile heritage.

Special highlights

Frame with Virgin and Child: This art object has multiple narrow frames which are intricately carved with floral and animal motifs. Although on display at the Museum, these elaborate details would require a magnifying glass to be viewed.

Processional banner of Saint Joseph: A prominent feature of this banner is the carved ivory embroidered as the face, hands and feet of Saint Joseph and the Infant Jesus in his arms. A detailed image of this object allows viewers to get a better visual of the embroidered ivory, a feature unique to the textiles produced in Goa.

Curator of Museum of Christian Art, Natasha Fernandes said: “The use of innovative technology to make art more accessible to visitors around the world has become very important, especially during this pandemic. Being featured on Google Arts and Culture will boost MoCA’s unique collection’s visibility, globally. Besides viewing the MoCA collection, online visitors will also get a better understanding of the objects, the purpose for which they were made as well as their unique artistic elements, through the online exhibitions. The most significant aspect of this collaboration is the opportunity to see the art object in detail, which may not be possible during a physical visit to the museum. This, we hope, will generate interest in this unique art form and open up avenues for research.”