Varca holds special gram sabha rejecting plan sent by GCZMA




The village of Varca on Wednesday held a special gram sabha on the Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) adopting a resolution urging the government to hold public meetings at the village level while rejecting the plan sent by the GCZMA.

In an extra ordinary gram sabha meeting held with a one point agenda, the village adopted and sent a resolution to the member secretary of the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) stating a list of changes that should be made to the plan. They have also rejected the government and Chennai based NCSCM prepared plan and accepted the village prepared plan.

Village sarpanch Crosly Charlton Lourenco listed issues pertaining to the port limits, hazard line and structures in the CRZ in the letter to the authority. The resolutions included requests to withdraw the marking of port limits, all the structures existing should be shown on the plan, removing of the hazard line and fishing ward boundaries should be within the coastal belt and not beyond 500 meters.

Locals also called for buffer zone for mangroves not to be allowed in the plan since mangroves would encroach in nearby fields as well as to update sand dunes and mangroves to be incorporated as well as other existing infrastructure that have been proposed by the village panchayat in its plan.

They have also asked that public hearings should be held at the panchayat level and that the CZMP authority should explain the proposed plan to the general public and stakeholders and prepare new plan after incorporating objections and suggestions from villagers and stakeholders.

“It was unanimously resolved to reject the plan sent by the GCZMA and accept the plan that was prepared by the village panchayat. The resolution was proposed by Thomas D›Costa and seconded by Domingos Pereira,” said Lourenco in the letter.

Earlier last month, the panchayat, having received written objections from the villagers also submitted a letter to the GCZMA and the member secretary of the Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB).