NSUI demands option for engineering students to attend online or offline classes




The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), Goa has demanded that the engineering colleges in the state should provide option to its students to attend the classes in the online or offline mode, as a number of students in such colleges are being infected with the COVID-19 virus.

An engineering college in the state has as many as 35 students infected with the virus, while another one also has many of its students turning positive for the infection.

These engineering colleges had started offline classes after some of the students complained that they could not understand the lessons through online mode. The offline classes were held twice or thrice a week by these institutions.

When one of these colleges found that their students were getting infected with the virus, it declared a week-long holiday for its students, and then re-opened the offline classes after a week.

The NSUI North Goa president, Naushad Chowdhari demanded that the engineering colleges should unnecessarily not force all its students to come for the offline classes, but ask only those to attend, who are interested in offline classes. “Rest can continue attending the online classes,” he added.

It has also been found that the engineering students are finding it difficult to come to their respective colleges due to the poor public transport facilities in the state.

“The engineering colleges presently have no buses of their own running,” Chowdhari informed, adding that the large number of engineering students travelling in whatever mode of public transport available, are at a great risk of COVID-19 infection.

Meanwhile, the students of engineering colleges are demanding that their colleges revert to online classes and conduct exams through online mode, until the present Corona wave dies out.