CCMC meeting turns out a fiasco for want of quorum


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The very first meeting of Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council (CCMC), that was elected recently following the municipality election, turned out to be a fiasco due to lack of quorum.

Chief officer Ajay Gaude, chairperson Balkrishna Hodarkar and councillors Pradip Naik, Mangaldas Ghadi, Clementina Fernandes and Archana Prabhudessai, besides Sushant Naik of BJP group, were present for the meeting scheduled on Wednesday.

As the meeting was a special meeting, 50 per cent attendance of the councillors was required. After about an hour as no other councillors turned up for the meeting, the same was adjourned and it was decided to be conducted at 3.30 pm. Accordingly, all the councillors were informed about the same.

Interestingly, the afternoon meeting which was held in the conference hall saw an additional councillor Yolanda Pereira. Still one councillor was needed to form the quorum. Again, as no other councillor came to attend the meeting, the same was declared as cancelled.

Except for Yolanda Pereira and Sushant Naik, eight others from the BJP group including Vishwas Sawant, Jasmin Braganza, Damodar Bhende, Pramod Naik, Rucha Vast, Reema Alise, Carmelina Morais and Tony Coutinho abstained from the meeting.

It is learnt that as per the municipal Act, any councillor, who does not attend consecutive three council meetings then automatically he or she stands to be disqualified.

Speaking to media persons, chairperson Balkrishna Hodarkar said there were three items on the agenda of the meeting- formation of various committees, sopo auction-related and regarding pre-monsoon works.

However, these will be discussed and decided upon in the next council meeting which will be held shortly, he said.

Replying to a query, chairperson Hodarkar said “that councillors are the representatives of their respective wards. It is their duty to attend the council meeting irrespective of the fact whether they support or oppose somebody.”