Goa Staring At Gloomy Situation



Fears about the graveness of the emerging COVID scenario in the state have been compounded by the news that the COVID bed capacity at the Goa Medical College and Hospital, Bambolim and the South Goa District Hospital, Margao, has reached the saturation point. The alarming figures of recent infections notwithstanding, it is dismaying to have the state continuing to do nothing to allay fears of another devastating rampage by the coronavirus. With mind-boggling statistics of the daily spike in cases being reported every 24 hours, it becomes difficult to understand how the administration could afford to remain so complacent about the whole matter. Despite warnings by medical experts that the worst is yet to come, the state government seems to have taken a very casual approach to the whole issue. The abject failure by the government to enforce strict adherence to the safety norms by the public is indicative of this indifference on the face of an inconceivable devastation. With tourists taking full advantage of the government’s indecisiveness at taking an authoritarian stand on implementing the safety guidelines to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the state, Goa stares at a gloomy situation ahead. Locals have not made the task any easier either! Ironically, the pre-COVID times hardly ever saw so much of public movement. But these days, people are coming out with a vengeance and in open defiance of the restrictions imposed as if their very freedom is at stake. How long can the excuse of a tottering economy be proffered as a justification by the government for allowing the public the liberty to act in contravention of the safety guidelines prescribed! When it is more than obvious that ‘crowds’ have profusely contributed to the sharp increase in COVID cases, steps should have been taken to nip this issue in the bud.