In sync with the stage


A regular performer on the Konkani stage, tiatrist, singer, and songwriter, Agnelo V Lobo has been recently uploading many of his songs on social media and was also involved with various khell tiatr during Carnival

JP Pereira

Agnelo V Lobo’s love for acting began early. Although his parents were never involved in tiatr, it was in school (Don Bosco HS) that he was picked to act in one act plays. “Also, I used to watch tiatrs in villages and was inspired by Lawry Travasso as well as Joao de Zuari,” he recalls.

Lobo himself began his affair with stage when he began acting for Dominic Fernandes from Ribandar, in village shows. In 2008, he then got an opportunity to act on the professional stage in ‘Avoin Kelem Pap, Putan Dili Zap’ a tiatr by the late William de Curtorim. Offers continued with the same director, as well as Milagres de Chandor, in ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘Tum Roddtolo’ and others. He also acted for Roseferns for ‘Pager’, Peter Roshan for ‘Pilot’, and Menino de Bandar for ‘Dha Lakh’, among others.

“I was invited to Kuwait by Domnic from Raia to play a major role in ‘Vanvak Chuklear, Ganvank Chukta’. Unfortunately, I could not act in the shows staged in Goa because of my work in London,” says the tiatrist, who has also presented his own tiatrs ‘Dudvanim Viktem Mevonam’ and ‘Visvas Dovorcho Konnancher?’ and has also been a part of many video films.

And Lobo feels that the stage is improving and the need of the day is for all tiatrists to be united and raise the standard higher, together. “Newcomers if interested should come forward to act on the Konkani stage and show their love for Konkani. Our mother tongue has to be kept alive through your contribution. Respect your seniors and directors. They have more experience than you,” he advises.

Blessed with a good voice and the talent to write lyrics, Lobo has also performed in various musical shows and khell tiatr and bagged various awards for singing, at various competitions including the Kala Academy Kantaram competition. In fact, Lobo has also sung on various Konkani audio albums like ‘Tuzo Upkar’ by Benny de Aldona, ‘Sotak Vell Dhi’ by Romaldo Estrocio, ‘Devak Zai Zalear’ by Anthony de Ambajim and ‘Taa Taa Bye Bye’ by JosEvon, besides many others. “I write my own lyrics and at times render songs written by other writers as well. This has enabled me to release five audio albums like ‘Bhurgim Fuddarache Dive’, ‘Jessica’,  and ‘Tujea Mogak’, ” he says. With many uploads of songs on social media, his latest ‘Viva Carnival’ has already crossed 26,000 views.

 “God has blessed me with this talent and I have performed for various directors in places like Mumbai, Pune, Tamil Nadu, Kuwait, USA and London,” he says, adding that he hopes to release his own tiatr in the near future.. He also expressing gratitude for the support of his wife Candita Jessica and daughter Britney who interestingly also loves singing and enjoys joining him
for rehearsals.