Rising Chain Snatching Incidents



Two incidents of snatching of mangalsutra were reported in the state on Sunday, one at Mapusa and the other at Curti Ponda. Such snatching of mangalsutras and chains from the women by bike-borne thieves have been taking place at a disturbing frequency in Goa even in broad daylight. There appears to be a gang of chain-snatchers operating in the state. The modus operandi in majority of the cases is that these bike-borne thieves engage the women in a dialogue while keeping the engine of the vehicle on. Many-a-times the thieves ask the women for direction to a particular destination. The pillion rider all of a sudden snatches the chain from the woman as the rider races the bike away and in the process the woman is even flung on the ground. As a result of this the lady has very little time to react, leave alone noting down the registration number of the two-wheeler. In order to prevent such incidents it would be advisable for women to avoid talking to strangers riding a bike, especially if there is a pillion rider. If an unknown rider stops the bike near a woman, the lady needs to immediately move to a safe distance from the bike so that she is at more than arms-length from the pillion rider. If the woman senses something fishy, she should immediately raise an alarm so that the thieves are apprehended by the people around. Women need to be on the alert to thieves-on-wheels in order to prevent such thefts.