Observatory At Junta House

It is learnt that the Association of Friends of Astronomy (AFA) is all set to inaugurate its state-of-the-art observatory at the Junta House in Panaji in May. The observatory will be equipped with a plethora of facilities for little sky-gazers and amateur astronomers. It is understood that this is the first amateur observatory in India since in most parts of the country there are professional observatories where only research is done. In future schools in the state need to conduct study tours for students to this observatory in Panaji. An amateur observatory makes it possible for the common man and students to have a peek into the night-sky. An observatory besides being a tourist attraction also helps children build an interest in astronomy. Beside other places of tourist attractions that Goa has to offer, an observatory can be an added attraction for those who have an interest in astronomy. Telescopes collect and magnify the light from distant objects. There are also refracting telescopes and reflecting telescopes available with high capability of magnifying a celestial body. The Goa Science Centre at Miramar does have a planetarium within its campus which attracts a large number of students from various schools.


A New Wave Of COVID-19

After almost a year coronavirus is again found in many states rising with spike. The spike has come after vaccination drive started all over India in the last month. Almost 6 crores are vaccinated in India during the vaccination drive and more to get vaccinated in different age groups. The main cause of spike is   perhaps non following of SOPs in the public places and also various functions organised including marriage ceremony. The state like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu including Goa saw Covid-19 rising  cases  last week The  Government needs to come out with strong SOPs laid down to curtail further spread of infection and Deaths due to pandemic. In States like  Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa  buses are plying with crowded passenger where there is hardly social distancing norms. The people board trains and buses even if they are crowded as there is less frequency of buses between the cities especially in Goa. One can find Buses plying with less  frequency hence there is urge to board even crowded buses. In Goa the buses ply in the morning and for office and job goers have to board buses that will reach in time across the cities in Goa. Many Government staff and Private workers depend on buses to go for work and come back in the evening. There are few buses plying in various routes which force passengers to travel in crowded buses without thinking of consequences. Also tourist in Goa are flowing like the situation is normal and without and thinking there are no cases in the state. It is very much essential to stop tourist entering state  from other states for some time till the situation is normal. Government of Goa introduced Electric buses and shall ply from April month, more buses should be introduced where the frequency is less especially  on Panaji -Vasco and Vasco -Panaji routes during the  peak hours.
                RAJU RAMAMURTHY, VASCO