‘Dictatorial Democracy’ In The Making

WE, the people, must understand the Modi regime’s game plan  in the light of the government bulldozing whatever it wants through Parliament, the President signing on the dotted line and the Supreme Court appearing to be in awe of the executive. The SC refused to stay the operation of electoral bonds in secrecy, although it was opposed in a public interest litigation also by the EC! Parliament passed a bill  last week for the lieutenant general to be the ‘government’ over the elected government despite the SC ruling in July 2018 that said that the LG cannot interfere in every decision of the Delhi government, and that he must act on the aid and advice of the council of ministers. What we are permitting is, much as officially denied,  correctly labelled as ‘dictatorial democracy’. The determination of the BJP to utilise all its money, state powers and mighty electoral machine to win elections by any and every means can clearly be seen in the assembly elections of the southern states and especially in West Bengal. The divided Opposition and manipulation of the electorate is masterful and whether we can be a happy colorful nation with only one saffron colour and ideology, killing unity in diversity, is the moot point.


Punish COVID Norm Violators

COVID cases have been on the rise in state. Goa is back in the red zone. Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said that Goa is not a  police raj state, and that it is difficult for the government to crack the whip on COVID  norm violators. There is absolutely no doubt that each one of us should behave responsibly. But unfortunately this is not happening, and violators not only put their lives at risk but also those of several innocent citizens. Look at the way the tourists behave on the beaches of Goa, drinking, enjoying and going about with gay abandon without even wearing a mask. Same is the case at private parties held in the state.  In the interest of people of Goa, the healthcare system and the medical doctors and staff, all of whom are overburdened, time has come to crack the whip without hesitation on the violators when neither good sense or common sense prevails.


GST Revenue On Rebound 

THE GST revenue during March 2021 is  the highest since its introduction. In line with the trend of recovery over the past five months, the revenue for the month of March 2021 is 27 per cent  higher than in the same month last year. GST revenue crossed above Rs 1 lakh crore mark at a stretch for the last six months and a steep increasing trend over this period, which is  a clear indicator of rapid economic recovery post pandemic. However, due to price rise of various raw materials as well as finished goods it is showing higher collection; but this  might not be due to increased volumes. Is it due to real growth or due to massive jump in prices of almost everything?