Goa Must Have Full-Time Governor



GOA has been without a full-time governor since that abrupt transfer of governor Satya Pal Malik in August last year.  It is not known how much longer the state will have to wait to see a dedicated constitutional head at our Raj Bhavan. This inordinate delay in appointing a full-time governor for our state is inexplicable, while Governor of Maharashtra Bhagat Singh Koshyari continues for so long holding additional charge of Goa. It does not augur well that in a year when we are celebrating 60 years of Goa’s Liberation we are dependent on a governor of other state. The post of governor is of immense significance. Being the head of the state, the role of the governor is vital, who as the chief executive of the state has executive, legislative, judicial, financial and discretionary powers that if exercised judiciously and with integrity could ensure the proper good governance of the state. The Mhadei water dispute and the mining tangle continue unresolved while the economy is in doldrums with the state getting further debt-ridden by the day. Goans, and the youth in particular, are rightly agitating against projects that are not in the interest of the state and our environment. Goa merits a full-time governor who can be accessed by the people to overcome the hurdles of the poor. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and other critical issues, including several non-priority vanity projects that are being flogged, need readdressal urgently at the highest level with determination and a firm resolve to ensure Goa’s best interests. And for this we expect and deserve a full-time governor who will as his office demands, govern with integrity and clarity while focusing solely on the welfare of the state and its people. Goa has been suffering enormously due to the ongoing sheer administrative paralysis that we are witnessing. May our state be bestowed with a formidable governor who will administer the state with head and heart while not being a rubber stamp to any wrong decisions by the government.