Hotels Should Be On COVID Guard

IT has been reported that a restaurant opposite KTC bus stand at Margao has been sealed for five days as 11 of its staff members, including three waiters, tested positive for coronavirus. During the five days the entire premises will be sterilised and sanitised. Some days back a popular restaurant in Panaji also had to be sealed for some days for the same reason. Since waiters come in direct contact with customers, it would be desirable for them (the waiters) to undergo COVID test. They also handle the cutlery used to serve the customers. Waiters should mandatorily wear a mask while serving the customers and also cover their hair with a hairnet or a cap. Other staff working in the kitchen of the restaurant, or those who attend to the people staying in hotel rooms, also need to carry a COVID-19 negative report. The large number of tourists who come to Goa from other states stay in hotels and have their meals in the restaurants. Hence hotels and restaurants need to take extra precaution while serving their clientele.


High Hopes From Rohit 

THIS is with reference to the news report ‘Rohit Monserrate sworn in as city mayor’ (NT, March 31, 2021). With the induction of Rohit Monserrate as Panaji’s youngest mayor, and the sweeping victory of the BJP-backed panel of Atanasio ‘Babush’ Monserrate, it is not difficult to foresee  a new springtime of hope and change n the capital city of Panaji and a transformation in the lives of all Ponjekars for the better. There can be little doubt that times have changed drastically, and going by the results of the recently-concluded Panaji municipal polls, it would not  be wrong to conclude that a new generation of Ponjekars has evolved, with a changed mindset and determination, to ensure that their beloved Panaji is lifted from its present abysmal state, to a smart city, and a model capital city, with a dumping of the old dispensation. The task of mayor Rohit Monserrate in this connection should not be difficult, (or rather a cakewalk), given that he has the backing and guidance of his father  Atanasio  Monserrate and mother Jennifer Monserrate, who is a cabinet minister.


Signs Of Neglect

TRAFFIC signboards installed at various places in the state help travellers in their journey. However, we come across several signboards, which are  in a dilapidated condition. The traffic signboard at the petrol pump near the  old bus stand in Ponda town has been  in a sorry state. As the signboard is unnoticeable at the first glance, vehicles freely proceed along this stretch of the road, making the stretch  dangerous to motorists. The concerned authorities should replace the weather-beaten signboard with a new one so that travellers can notice it at the first glance.