Temperature expected to fall gradually from tomorrow




Warm conditions continued in the state with the India Meteorological Department’s (IMD) recording maximum temperature of 35.5 degrees celsius on Friday, the season’s highest and 2.5 degrees above normal.

Temperatures in the state, which has seen a consistently warmer-than-usual March, has risen over the weekend and mercury is likely to touch 37-38 degrees celsius on Sunday, and interior parts away from coast may experience 2-3 degrees higher values of temperatures based on local topography and climatology.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) doesn’t expect heat wave conditions to establish though day temperatures are currently above normal by 2-3 degrees Celsius over the state.

“The mercury levels will be on a rising trend till Sunday and thereafter there will be partial relief from the heat soon after, with temperatures expected to fall gradually from March 29. However there are no heat wave conditions”, the IMD official said.

The state also witnessed light rain/thundershower activity at isolated places on Saturday under the influence of trough running from Lakshadweep area to coastal Karnataka.

The mean maximum temperature (MMT), which is the mean of the average maximum temperatures recorded in a particular month over the years, for March is normally 32.5 degrees Celsius. This time, it has touch above 34-35°C.

IMD officials on Saturday said that temperature for this month was at least 2-3 degrees higher than normal. The maximum daytime temperature in March recorded in the city was 34.8 degrees Celsius on March 5 and 35.5 degrees celsius on March 26.