Don’t Lower The COVID Guard

IT has been  a year since the country reported the first case of  coronavirus. The  COVID pandemic induced nationwide lockdown that brought the country to a standstill. The lockdown was resorted to keep the virus under control. And  the country and Goa struggled to arrest the inexorable march of the deadly virus. However, lately there has been resurgence in COVID  cases in some Goan cities like  Panaji and Margao due to the increase in tourist flow from the neighbouring states like Maharashtra, which has been seeing the second wave of the pandemic. Moreover, COVID norms have been thrown to the winds at social  and religious  gatherings, and also during campaigning of municipal elections in the  state.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his recent interaction with chief ministers  called upon the states  to take measures to check  the spread of the virus. It is pertinent to note here that the tourists  visiting  the iconic Church of Our Lady of  Immaculate Conception in the capital city do not maintain COVID norms fueling fears of the spread of coronavirus. The authorities must crack a whip against the tourists who defy the norms. Also, politicians agog with municipal elections should follow  the guidelines issued in the wake of the pandemic.


Capital Lows Of Panaji

AS the city of Panaji goes to the municipal polls on Saturday, not much can be expected from the rival panels, going by what we have been experiencing over the past few decades – more of politics than development. This is not only the concern of the Ponjekars, but also of the people of Goa and visitors to the city who have been witnessing the deterioration of the capital city on all fronts. Panaji is not even a smart city today, and pitifully at the bottom of most reckonings and ratings of national surveys for state capitals. A sad state of affairs and a betrayal of trust by our city fathers. People have lost faith in their elected representatives. The situation is however  is not hopeless,  provided our city fathers realise the need to work for the welfare of the  people and the development of the city without selfish motives.

                A   F NAZARETH, ALTO PORVORIM

Duplicity On Cooperative Federalism

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi talks about cooperative federalism, and what is going on is just the opposite! This has aptly been enunciated by  former BJP  stalwart Yeshwant Sinha, who said: “This government can do anything to win elections. All the institutions, including democracy, have become weak.” It is creditable how the Kejriwal government elected with massive majority for two terms has managed to function and achieve much despite the BJP and the Congress continually  trying to  discredit the AAP dispensation. The Supreme Court on July 4, 2018 ruled the lieutenant governor of Delhi had no independent decision-making powers and was bound to follow the “aid and advice” of the Delhi Chief Minister-headed council of ministers on all matters except those pertaining to police, public order and land. The government is now reportedly  bringing in a bill to designate the LG as the government!