Of so much love


Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ

Café’s today are the in-thing to dine at and chill out. As a Saligaonkar, Ti Amo was very intriguing and inviting. The place, situated around fields on the road that connects Saligao to Nagoa, was not what it used to be.

Football icon of Goa, Denzil Franco, who has turned into an entrepreneur with this boutique guest house Visão de Campo, spruced up the place ‘White House’.

And then he felt the need to have something more for it looked picture perfect. And thus an idea struck and Ti Amo was thought of.

Of the well-known Confeitaria 31 de Janeiro are Gletta Mascarenhas and her son Warren who are the in-house chefs.

“The bakery has always been a favourite of locals and tourists for such a long time. But I wanted to do something more, and that’s when Warren, who has studied food technology and knows the in and out of food and baking, thought Ti Amo would do justice to what they had to offer,” says Mascarenhas.

Of love, for love of life, people, love for food, Ti Amo was a name that came extremely organically for the café and bistro.

In fact they threw open the gates on February 14. The ambience is Insta-perfect. With a touch of white and blue, the furniture, décor and setting is modern, yet has hints of colonial European charm all designed by wedding planner Sandra Menon.

Open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. all days except Mondays, it has a well-conceived menu that’s dynamic.

From Goan favourites like Sorpotel, Vindalho and Prawn Curry Rice to give you a taste of local Goan cuisine, to what’s fast and enjoyable like burgers, pizzas and pastas. Check out the chorizo or the spicy beef pizza, you will know for a fact there’s so much love in the goodness loaded onto the pizzas here.

The tapas section has some pretty interesting stuff like chicken liver pâté toasties, and cheesy bacon fries that can make you feel guilty of indulging in food love that can up the calorie count you’ve been otherwise monitoring.

I like the salad menu that has my favourite tuna salad which has light, chunky, tuna flakes with dressing that could leave you guessing about what is in it to elevate the flavour.

The parsley potato salad is a good option in the vegetarian section. It is creamy and has crunch with other additions in it.

The fiery hot wings are a must try, at any time. I love how the wings have crunch with the way it’s deep fried, close to a famous chicken fast food brand. But then, what’s great here is the sauce it is tossed in. Get messy if you want to enjoy the goodness and spice all at the same time.

For lovers of comfort food, there’s beef bolognaise and lasagna with various combinations.

There’s a ‘dish of the day’ that has some exotic stuff curated. The cheesy tiger prawns were a hit, but will only take some time to be back on a day. If you’re lucky you could get
some butter garlic lobsters or pork ribs in hot honey sauce.

In the scorching heat, as the sun sets or as it gets darker, the mood here is inviting. It’s slowly becoming a spot to go to on the weekends with a live duo band playing every Friday, karaoke nights on Saturday and sundowners on Sunday evenings.

The love Ti Amo offers is definitely creating a buzz!