CCP polls: Utpal clarifies he is not backing any panel


‘Announcement on entering active politics at right time’

Panaji:Refuting the news reports that he has raised the flag of rebellion against the Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP leader Utpal Parrikar on Thursday said he is not supporting any panel contesting the forthcoming election to the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP).: “However, on a personal level, I am supporting some candidates from both panels, who are genuinely dedicated to the BJP,” Utpal added, pointing out that his personal support is restricted to only good wishes from him, and does not include his participation in the public campaign for such candidates.

He also maintained that his name is being used on social media by unknown people for CCP poll-related political purposes. Addressing a press conference in the city, Utpal said he would definitely enter into active politics. “I have started groundwork for the same,” he said, stating that he would come out with a related announcement at the right time.

Speaking further, Utpal said he has some reservations as well as reasons for not fully supporting either of the panel, and has already briefed state BJP president Sadanand Tanavade about the same.

Replying to a question, the son of the former defence minister and ex-state chief minister said it is ironical to see the BJP being made an active part of the campaigning process even though the forthcoming municipal elections are not fought on party lines.

On a parting note, Utpal said it is not only the Corporation of the City of Panaji but many other things which are at stake, at the particular election and, therefore, the people of Panaji should be cautious enough while casting their vote. “Some people may have political money and political muscle power, but I have political goodwill,” he concluded.