In verse

Candolim-based Sweta Satardekar has written her first book ‘Dil Ke Panne’ that consists of 100 poems. She shares more with NT BUZZ


For as long as she can remember Sweta Satardekar has always been in awe of those who could write well. And the self-professed book lover used to spend hours getting lost in the world of books, devoting two or three days at most for each novel. In fact, all her free time in school, she says, was spent in the library.

And now Satardekar has made her own debut in writing with ‘Dil Ke Panne’, a book of poetry in Hindi which is written “straight from her heart”.

The book, she says, is about life, love, and heartbreak, something which everyone can relate to. “There are a total of 100 poems in the book and it’s for everyone who wants to do something new in their life and can’t because it just feels risky,” she says.

For Satardekar, the book is in fact a culmination of hours devoted to practicing the art of writing, when not busy running a café along with her sister Siddhi in Candolim. Running a business, she says, can get hectic. However, she makes it a point to take some time off for herself to do some other things that she loves.

“And so I started writing and got better at it. I used to write in my diary. When you have an interest in something, you just find a way to do it,” she says, adding that she finds inspiration from movies, her favourite poets, travelling, and just letting her mind wander.

One fine day, she read out her works to her sister who was amazed and encouraged her to write more. “So I wrote and then started sharing these on social media. My friends were amazed as they had no clue that there is a writer in me. I was happy with the response that I got and so I thought, why not publish a book?” she says.

Happy that she could achieve something that she always dreamt of, the book, she says, targets mostly youth or event houses who love poetry. “Readers have and will connect with me directly. They will know that love heals everything and there is no place for hatred in this world,” she says, adding that she hopes that poetry will continue to charm and inspire people.

“It’s so beautiful. Expressing yourself and inspiring everyone with poetry is so wonderful. You need understanding and depth to convert something so simple into poetry. And poetry can have a positive impact on the social and emotional learning of everyone,” she says, adding that personally, writing poetry helped her a lot, as she could express more and engage her senses along with her emotions making the art form experiential and effective.

Released recently, ‘Dil Ke Panne’ is available on Amazon, and Satardekar tells us that everyone told her to continue writing and they cannot wait for the next book to be out.

And in fact, Satardekar has already started writing another poetry book but this time in English, as she wants to inspire and get inspired. Her advice to budding writers is to never let anyone stop you from doing something you love. She says: “It’s always a good time to try something new. If this is what you want to do, you should give it a shot. It is better late than never. It’s better to fail when trying something new rather than regret not trying it years later.”