Environmental science and art-tech


As part of the ongoing art show ‘Retellings’, Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts is hosting a talk and presentation by new media artist Nandita Kumar titled ‘Sounding the Quintessential: Environmental Science and Art-tech’ on March 3, 6:30 p.m.

Kumar works at the intersection of art, environmental science, technology and community to create interactive installations. Her interest lies in propelling the human race towards sustainable development, which not only focuses on environmental protection but also social development. She employs technology as though it were a natural element in an extended ecosystem. Her works are hybrids, rooted simultaneously in human nature while a pervasive electronic layer is integrated seamlessly.

As part of her work at ‘Retellings’, Kumar’s installation, ‘From Paradigm to Paradigm into the Bionic Time’, represents a newspaper-press that comments misinformed facts by public individuals on the environment. The statements are coded as “haiku poems” that form the backbone of a chance musical composition generated through a punch piano.

In her talk, Kumar will expound on her process of re-imagining conventional approaches to environmental sustainability.

The talk is open to all. However there are limited seats and prior registration is required.

Details: 2421311/ [email protected]