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Improving KTC’s Services



This is with reference to the statistics and details published by ‘The Navhind times’ with regard to the Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited (KTCL) buses in Goa. The details indicate how the state-owned transport corporation is running into losses. Apart from other factors, the main cause for such losses is the old Kadamba buses plying on roads. The study also shows a lack of concern for the staff, who are directly related to transportation such as drivers and conductors. The commuters, who travel every day will know the difficulties faced by them. The KTC is providing shuttle services on certain routes apart from nationalising some routes. We see many private buses not following the rules and the KTC buses are often found to be at the mercy of these private bus operators. KTC’s bus stands in various towns like Mapusa and Margao are in a shabby condition. There is a need for the government to first concentrate on the KTC’s bus stands before allowing the private buses on these bus stands. Though there was a move by the KTC to take over the privately-operated buses, the same has, however, not materialised. As many people travel to their workplaces during the morning peak hours, there is a need for the government to ply more buses on various routes during the peak hours, while plying a few buses during the non-peak hours. The KTC should also improve conditions of drivers and conductors and provide them with improved resting facilities. The drivers and conductors should be motivated to work for the corporation.