Many projects in Panaji incomplete due to paucity of funds

The shuttle market in Mala-Fontainhas near Sinari Petrol pump which PDA had developed some decades ago has been abandoned and the space outside is utilised as a parking lot.



The elections to 11 municipalities and Corporation of City Panaji have been declared by the State Election Commission but municipal corporators will be judged by their voters upon the development works undertaken in
their wards.

After the ward delimitations were announced, opposition parties have moved the High Court against the delimitations of municipal wards and hearing is on for challenging the reservations.  

The state poll panel contended that the election scheduled has been notified because it wants to conclude the process before the state legislative assembly budget session starting on March 24.

Corporation of City of Panaji is surrounded by many ambitious projects as it figured in the Smart Cities list of the country after BJP came to power at the centre but many projects are yet to be completed.

Earlier, under Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) and under Amrut scheme many projects were proposed but very few projects were completed during the last five
year tenure due to non co-ordination and non co-operation of former IPSCDL CEO, many projects of the Corporation never took off.

While IPSCDL claims that many projects have been undertaken in the city like mangrove park, High Court steps and Altinho-Panaji garden, Rose garden and common utility duct for power lines, cables, gas pipes, and other services in progress.

While a stretch of 200 metres developed on pilot basis near Campal Trade Centre was about to be extended on a 2.4 km stretch from St Inez Junction to Adarsh Colony Circle and redeveloped as a smart road however, it was still under the
proposal stage.

Miramar beautification project, integrated crematorium for Hindus, Muslims, Ismailis and Lingayats recently inaugurated, Panaji Promenade, Azad Maidan and others have been developed in the past, while cycling and
jogging track is still under developed or at a initial stage and needs urgent attention from
the authorities.

Local MLA Atanasio Monserrate and City Mayor, Uday Madkaikar’s have taken hectic steps to improve the city
traffic congestion through pay parking has proved successful, while to rid garbage problems CCP has introduced bio-gas at five spots in the city, but St Inez nullah, Rua de Ourem creek and sewage still needs personal attention to avoid /stop release of treated sewage into the River Mandovi at various spots  which fills the area with nauseating stench during particular time of the night but Mala Lake, shuttle market opposite PDA office, third phase of City Market  and the Mala twin bridges that links Panaji to EDC Patto –Plaza are yet to be completed. It is alleged that many projects are incomplete due to paucity of funds
and disputes.

CCP managed to clean the congested vegetable, fruit and flower market with an iron fist in the recent past to discipline shopkeepers and halt encroachments.

The move to keep the city free from pet bottles, paper bits, eatable wrappers and chocolate wrappers CCP also introduced
dustbins at many places in the city.