BJP wants to win civic polls through electoral fraud, says Digambar




Hours after the state election commission admitted before the High Court of Bombay at Goa that constitutional mandate has not been followed ‘to some extent’ over reservation of municipal wards,   Opposition leader Digambar Kamat on Tuesday remarked that the ruling BJP wants to win the civic body polls through an “electoral fraud”.

“It has come to light that not only women are deprived of the rightful reservation in municipal wards, but the other backward class has also met with a similar fate. The ruling BJP wants to have control over municipalities by winning majority seats with an electoral fraud,” Kamat said in a statement issued here.

Accusing the BJP of trying to deprive the ‘bahujan samaj’ of its constitutional right, Kamat said the BJP exposed its anti-bahujan samaj and anti-women agenda.

 “The women should get 33.3 per cent reservation for the municipal council polls.  Also, it is mandatory to keep 27 per cent reservation for the OBCs,” he said.  

The Opposition leader said that it is very much evident that the delimitation and reservation of wards was carried out by the concerned authorities under the directions of ‘political bosses’ from the ruling BJP to benefit their own selected candidates.

Calling it a murder of democracy, Kamat said, “We have full faith in judiciary, and I am sure that justice will prevail which will give an opportunity to the women and representatives of OBC community to come forward and prove their leadership.”